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NOWELL (Charles E.).— THE ROSE MAP. Portugal’s attempt to build an african empire from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. Junta de Investigações Científicas do Ultramar. Agrupamento de Estudos de Cartografia Antiga. 1982. 21x29 cm. 273-III págs E.

“(...) Professor Charles Edward Nowell tells us, wittly and with profound knowledge of the sources, the story of the disputes and disagreements surrounthing this sitution, as a consequence of which Portugal was denied the right to receive her share of the vast partition of Africa carried out by the great European powers, keeping only those ‘crumbs’ which would not have been easily taken anyway. Based on documentation gathered in Portugal (mainly at the Arquivo Historico Ultramarino and the Arquivo do Ministerio dos Negócios Estrangeiros), and in England (Public Record Office and at various British libraries), the present study is doubtless the most complete text which has been published up to now, on a theme which vividly interested  our country, and which can be said  to de the principal cause of the great political changes which took place here from the beginning of the last decade of the 19th Century until the end of the first decade of this century (...)”.— retirado de Foreword da autoria de Luís  de Albuquerque.

Importante estudo sobre a polémica do Mapa Cor-de-Rosa, ilustrado em folhas intercaladas no texto e com mapas em folhas desdobráveis.

Encadernação dos editores. Preserva a sobrecapa de papel. Volumes parcialmente por abrir.

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