Principles of fruit-growing (The)

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BAILEY (L. H.).— THE PRINCIPLES OF FRUIT-GROWING. With applications to practice. With 186 illustrations from original drawings. New York. The Macmillan Company. 1916. 13x19,5 cm. 432-VIII págs. E.

“This book was first published in 1897, seventeen years ago. The second edition was called for in 1898, and the preface for it was written in the Tyrol, where I was then looking into interesting fruit-growing of certain regions. (...) In this edition I have had the great advantage of the advice of many persons. I have freely incorporated the work of others, as appears in the text. Particularly I indebted to Prof. C. S. Wilson and Prof. W. H. Chandler, of the Department of Pomology in the New York State College of Agriculture at Cornell University (...)”.

Obra profusamente ilustrada.

Do ìndice: I - The Field of Inquiry; II - The Location and Its Climate; III - The Tillage of Fruit-Lands; IV - The Enriching of Fruit-Lands; V- The Plants and the Plantting; VI - The Laying out of the Plantation; VII - Subsequent Care of the Fruit-Plantation; VIII - Accidents and Injuries; IX - The Spraying of Fruit-Plantations; X - Harvesting and Marketing the Fruits.

Inserido na colecção The Rural Science Series.

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