Planting in Uganda

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BROWN (E.) & HUNTER (H. H.).— PLANTING IN UGANDA. Coffee — Para Rubber — Cocoa. with contributions by Professor Dunstan and George Massee. London. Lonsmans, Green & Co. 1913. 14x22 cm. 176 págs. E.

“The need of a reliable book dealing with Uganda has become urgent owing to the recent rapid extension of planting in that country. some of the planters who now settle there have had large experience of the work in other countries, while others posses no knowledge whatever of the practice of agriculture; but all of then suffer from ignorance of the peculiar conditions under which plantations have to be worked in the Uganda region. From their benefit generally, as well as for the information of the large body of investors in the United Kingdom who are now interesting themselves in Uganda properties, this book has been written (...)”.

Do índice: 1. Physical Features of the Country; 2. History of products in Uganda; 3. Yields and Results; 4. Probable life of trees and how to prolong it; 5. Choice of land for plantations; 6. Nurseries; 7. Laying out plantations; 8. Clearing and plantation; 9. Weeds and weeding, and upkeep; 10. Factory and machinery; 11. Collection and preparation of Coffee; 12. Collection and preparation of Para Rubber; 13. Collection and preparation of Cocoa; 14. Estate Management; 15. Costs of Establishing plantations and of preparing products; 16. Insect pests; 17. Fungoid diseases; 18. Table of distances for planting.

Ilustrado em folhas à parte e com dois mapas a cores.

Encadernação dos editores denotando uso. Assinatura de posse, antiga, no frontispício.

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