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SPENCE (C. F.).— MOÇAMBIQUE. (East African Province of Portugal). 1963. Howard Timmins. Cape Town. 19x25,5 cm. 147-I págs. E.

“Nobody could be more qualified than the author (who has spent most of his life in Portuguese East Africa) to write this survey of a part of the world that is very much in the news and whose interests vitally affect those of South Africa. Starting with the historical background, the book deals with wild life, particular attention being given to the ravages of the Tsetse fly and its control, commercial development, education, mineral resources, tourism and trade movements and monetary exchange. It is a book that is completely authoritative, and is vital for anyone who intends visiting this part of the world or who has any business interest in Moçambique (...).” — retirado do texto da badana.

Profusamente ilustrada.

Encadernação do editor. Preserva a sobrecapa de papel, com alguns sinais de uso. Valorizado pela dedicatória do autor.

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