Colonial service (The)


BERTRAM (Anton).— THE COLONIAL SERVICE. Cambridge at the University Press. 1930. 13,5x19,5 cm. 291-I págs. E.

“The follwing book represents a course of lectures delivered at the London School of Economics in the years 1928 and 1929. It is based partly on my personal experience of the Bahamas, Cyprus, Ceylon and Palestine, and partly on such investigations as I have been able to make of conditions obtaining in other countries (...)”

Do índice: Preface; I - General Geographical Review; II - The Governor; III - The Colonial Secretary and the Machinery of Government; IV - Direct and Indirect Rule; V - The organisation of Law and Justice; VI - The Courts; VII - The Legislature; VIII - Protectorates and Protected States; IX - Mandated Territories.

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