Vintage cars in colour

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VINTAGE CARS IN COLOUR. Photographs by James Barron. Introduction by D. B. Tubbs. B. T Bataford Ltd. London. (quarta edição. 1966). 18,5x 22 cm. 70-II págs. E.

“ ‘The quality will remain after the price is forgotten’. It was F. H. Royce who said that, in the days of the ‘Silver Ghost’, and his words sum up the Vintage movement. The Vintage Sports-Car Club, which set things going just twenty-six years ago this year, was founded by people who liked good cars, as such. It was, and still is, a club with a point of view (...)”.— retirado da Introduction.

Profusamente ilustrado a cores em folhas intercaladas no texto.

Encadernação editorial. Preserva a sobrecapa de papel.

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