To the midnight sun


BERG (C. F.).— TO THE  MIDNIGHT SUN. s.l.n.d  (1905?). 13x20,5 cm. 103-I págs. B.

The author of this Guide is a Norwegian, residing in Paris since 1885, but he has, during that time, repeatedly visited Scandinavia in charge of large parties of French and American tourists. He, therefore, feels competent from his long personal experience to give some practical advice in an abbreviated form to those desirous of obtaining a glimpse of the wonders of nature in Scandinavia (...) The author’s intention is to give an idea of what is to be seen, how to reach it, the expenses incurred thereby, and lastly, the time necessary to cover the trip.”

De raro aparecimento no mercado, este Guia Turístico da Noruega, do mesmo ano em que esta separou da Suécia.

O autor refere ainda que: “ This book is published in February and contains the Official time tables and rates of the Railway and Steamer Services in Scandinavia (...)”.

Profusamente ilustrado.

Em excelente estado de  conservação tendo apenas a capa da brochura amarelecida.


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