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Tenth Muse (The)

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SMITH (Patrick J.).— THE TENTH MUSE. A Historical Study of the Opera Libretto. London. Victor Gollancz Lta. 1971. 15,5x23.5 cm. 417-III-XVI págs. E.

“(...) The belief in the omniscience of the composer is, Mr. Smith says. perhaps the most consistent mistake of those who write about opera. Qualities are ascribed to the music which can be found only in the libretto. But the good librettist is no mere wordsmith, no mere adapter, however briilliant — he is a creative artist in his own right. This is an extremely rewarding book, which should become accepted as standard in its field. And in the course of its exploration of the highways and byways of opera, it also discovers a great deal that is both entertaining and revealing (...)”. — retirado do texto da badana.

Ilustrado em folhas intercaladas no texto.

Encadernação dos editores preservando a sobrecapa de papel.

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