Spraying of plants (The)


LODEMAN (E. G.).— THE SPRAYING OF PLANTS. A Succinct account of the History, Principles and Practice of the application of liquids and powders to plants for the purpose of destroying insects and fungi. With a preface by B. T. Galloway. New York. The Macmillan Company. 1915. 13x19,5 cm. 474-VIII págs. E.

Do índice: Part I - The History and Principles of Spraying — I - Early History os Liquid Applications; II - Spraying in Foreign Countries; III - Spraying in America; IV - The Materials and Formulas udes in Spraying; V - Spraying Devices and Machinery; VI - The Action os Insecticides and Fungicides. Part II - Specific Directions for Spraying Cultivated Plants — Description and Treatment of the most important Insect and fungous diseases affecting cultivated plants.

Profusamente ilustrado.

Inserido na colecção The Rural Science Series.

Encadernação dos editores denotando uso e com mancha na lombada e parte da pasta traseira  Assinatura de posse, antiga, no frontispício.

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