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HILGARD (E. W.).— SOILS. Their Formation, Proprerties, Composition, and Relations to Climate and Plant Growth in the Humid and Arid Regions. New York. The Macmillan Company. 1914. 15,5x22,5 cm. 593-III págs. E.

Importante obra de Hilgard, considerado o pai da pedologia bem como autoridade à época de química dos solos.

“This volume was originally designed to serve as a textand reference book for the students attending the writer’s course on soils, given annually at the University of California, who complained of the subject matter brought before them (...)”.

Do índice: Preface; Introduction; I - Agencies of soils, formation; II - Chemical processes of soil, formation; III - Rock-and-soil-forming minerals; IV - The various rocks as soil-formers; V - Yhe minor mineral ingredients osf soils; Mineral fertilizers; VI - Physical composition pf soils; VII - Density, pore-space and volume-weight of soils; VIII - Soil and subsoil; IX - Soil and subsoil (cont.); X - Soil and subsoil in their relations to vegetation; XI - The water of soils; XII - Surface, hydrostatic and ground water; XIII - Water of soils; The regulation and conservation of soil moisture; XIV - Absorption by soils from solutions, Absorption os gases, air of soils; XV - Colors of soils; XVI - Climate; XVII - Relations of soils and plant growth to heat; XVIII - Physico-chemical investigation of soils in relation to crop production; XIX - Analysis of virgin soils by extraction with strong acids and its interpretation; XX - Soils of the arid and humid regions; XXI - Soils os arid and humid regions continued; XXII - Alkali soils, their nature and composition; XXIII - Utilization and reclamation of alkali land; XXIV - The recognition os soil character from the native vegetation; XXV - Recognition of the character of soils from their native vegetation; XXVI - The vegetation of saline and alkali lands; Appendices.

Obra ilustrada nas páginas de texto e em folhas à parte.

Encadernação dos editores. Assinatura de posse, antiga, no frontispício.

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