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Rat problem (The)

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BOELTER (W. R.).— THE RAT PROBLEM. Second Edition. London. John Bale, Sons and Danielsson, Ltd. 1909. 17x21 cm. 165-VII págs. E.

“Some years ago I became acquainted with the splendid work which Zuschlag, of Copenhagen, was doing in agitating for the passing of a Danish Rat Law. I read his book, ‘The Rat and Civilization’, and having thereby been induced to become his enthusiastic disciple, I decided to persuade, if I could, the English-speaking world to join in the war of extermination preached day in and day out by this arch-enemy of the rat (...) The object of this book is to present the case against the rat so completely as to place the passing of this Bill beyond doubt (...)”.

Do índice: I - Natural History of the Rat; II - On the Economic Loss Caused by Rats; III - On the Rôle Played by the Rat in the Dissemination of Disease; IV - On the Means for the Extermination of Rates; V- Conclusions; VI - Appendix; VII - Bibliography.

Profusamente ilustrado.

Encadernação editorial em tecido, manchada.

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