Palaeolithic art - Paolo Grazios


GRAZIOSI (Paolo).— PALAEOLITHIC ART. Faber and Faber. London. (MCMLX). 25x34,5 cm. 278-II +estampas. E.

“This book is not intended as a treatise, nor does is purport to be a corpus of the artistic achievements of the Old Stone Age — the Paleolithic. It was written with the intention of presenting the reader with a panoramic view of the prodigious phenomenon which is the birth and development of the most ancient art in the history of man, and of showing him, in one richly illustrated volume, the principal ‘documents’ of that art, both of the so-called mobiliary art /sculptures and engravings on functional objects; engravings on fragments of bone, ivory and stone; and statuettes) and of cave art (figures painted, engraved or carved in low relief on the walls of caves and rock sheltters). These two categories have never before been presented together in a single publication exclusively dedicated to European Paleolithic art (...)”.

Profusamente ilustrada a negro e a cores, nas páginas de texto e em folhas à parte, algumas das quais desdobráveis.

Encadernação dos editores.

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