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BAILEY (L. H.).— NURSERY-BOOK. A Complete Guide to the Multiplication of Plants. Nineteenth edition.  New York. The Macmillan Company. 1914. 13x19,5 cm. 445-VII págs. E.

“This manual  was frist published in 1891, by the Rural Publishing Company. (...) In this revision, it has seemed best to give a someqhat full discussion of the too prevalent assumption that graftage is necessarily a devitalizing process, and to analyze the unclassified knowledge respecting the mutual influences of stock and cion, and the respective peculiarities of root-grafted and budded fruit trees (...)”

Do índice: I - Seedage; II - Separation and Division; III - Laverage; IV - Cuttage; V - Graftage; VI - The Nursery List; Glossary.

Profusamente ilustrado.

Inserido na colecção The Rural Science Series.

Encadernação dos editores muito manchada.  Assinatura de posse, antiga, no frontispício.

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