MUSIC IN THE NEW WORLD - Loja da In-Libris


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HAMM (Charles).— MUSIC IN THE NEW WORLD. W.W. Norton and Company. New York, London. (1982?). 16,5x24 cm. 722 págs. E.

“In this new and exciting book, Charles Hamm has swept across the vast panorama of American music to reveal its infinite variety and boundless vitality. He traces the origins of that music to the indigemous Indian tribes, to the psalm-singing colonials. to the African slave.He weaves a fabric of folk music, opera, popular song, marches, and dance tunes in which historical events, personalities, and cultural influences are shown in clear relief (...)”. — retirado do texto da badana.

Ilustrada nas páginas de texto.

Encadernação editorial. Preserva a sobrecapa de papel.