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Mendelssohn — Philip Radcliffe


RADCLIFFE (Philip).— MENDELSSOHN. London. J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd. (1976). 12x19 cm. 214 págs. B.

“Since his death in 1847, Mendelssohn’s music has, in England at any rate, been appreciated in different ways at different timas. (...) For this reprint of his study of Menselssohn’s life and words Philip Radcliffe has added a new section at the end of the book in which he discusses several of the composer’s early works which have only recently been published. They include the early String Symphonies, a comic opera and much instrumental music (...)”. — retirado do texto da contra-capa.

Ilustrado nomeadamente com exemplos musicais.

Inserido na série The Master Musicians.

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