DELAFORCE (John).— JOSEPH JAMES FORRESTER. Baron of Portugal (1809-1861). Published by the author in association with Christie’s Wine Publications: 1992.  (1992). 18,5x24,5 cm. XII-128-IV págs. B.

“Primarily a Port Wine shipper, he achieved greater recognition and internacional honours as an artist, cartographer, photographer and wirter of many works, often controversial, connected with the Port trade and other wine related subjects, including the River Douro of which his survey & maps were the most remarkable. The story of his life & achievements plays an important part in the romantic history of the Port trade, not least for the dramatic circumstances of his death and this is the first time it has been told in such detail (...)”.

Biografia profusamente ilustrada, com reproduções fotográficas do barão e família, paisagens e documentos.

Exemplar autografado pelo autor.

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