Hunter and His Art: A Survey of Rock Art in Southern Africa (The)


Rudner (Ione) & Rudner (Jalmar).— THE HUNTER AND HIS ART: A Survey of Rock Art in Southern Africa. Cape Town: C. Struik, 1970.  30x25 cm. (oblongo) XI-278 págs. E.

““Archaeological investigations of the ancient Incas, the pharaonic civilization of Egypt, the earliest civilizations of India and China, to name but a few, have enriched our museums with such splendid objects, and our books with such exciting records that few readers need second bidding to enjoy the results. But when we move from the glitter of early civilizations to the earthy, dun-coloured details of prehistoric hunter-gatherer communities the position is different.  Except on special occasions life was rather drab, and there is little in the possessions of hunters to excite the interest of most people. The literature of archaeology becomes full of descriptions of broken stone, oplimistically bolstered with barely comprehensible analyses, lists of fossils bones, and ugy looking statistical formulae.

In most parts of the woorld, however, the hunters have come up with at least one exciting and beautiful product, their rock art, and that is what this book is about.”

Muito ilustrado a negro e a cores  ao longo do texto e em separado.

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