FAMILIAR TREES Livro Loja da In-Libris



BOULGER (G. S.).— FAMILIAR TREES. With coloured Plates by W. H. J. Boot and A. Fairfax Muckley and Plain Plates from photographs and micro-photographs. Entirely New Edition Revised Throughout and enlarged. Cassell and Company, Ltd. London. MCMVI-MCMVII. 3 vols. (First, second and third series). 13x19,5 cm. E.

“Trees are universal favourites. Their exhilarating verdure in spring, their grateful shade in summer, their gay variety in autumn, and exposed, leafless, in winter, endear them not only to artist and the poet, bur also to us all.Their many associations have interests that appeal to the historian and moralist, to the student of literature and folk-lore, but little less than to those interested in botany. (...) In my endeavour to describe the beauties of our familiar trees, I must here acknowledge my indebtedness to many writers whose works I have laid under contribution, but more especially to the artists, the results oh whose labours form the main attraction of this book (...)”.

Profusamente ilustrada  a negro e a cores em páginas intercaladas no texto.

Encadernações dos editores.

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