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Essays on armenian music


ESSAYS ON ARMENIAN MUSIC. Edited by. Published by Kahn & Averill. London. (1978). 222 págs. E.

“(...) The present volume has been compiled to promote the researches of some eminent musicologists of the present century, including the articles of R. Atayan and N. Tahmizyan, members of the Armenian Academy of Sciences. It is the hope of the publishers that the availability in a single volume of essays photographically reproduced from various journals, otherwise inaccessible to many musicians and readers, will help to generate wider interest in the history of Armenian music. The text of the essays has undergone no substancial change, the only addition has been the inclusion of English summaries of the essays published in German and French.” — retirado da Introdução.

Primeira edição deste precioso trabalho, profusamente ilustrado.

Encadernação dos editores.

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