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DERENZY (George Webb).— ENCHIRIDION OR A HAND FOR THE ONE-HANDED. London. Printed by A. J. Valpy. 1822. (digo Elizabeth Licht, Publisher. 1962.). 15x23 cm. 60-II págs. E.

“The attention which your Royal highness has invariably shewn to the necessities and comforts of the British Army, encourages me to offer to your Royal Highness’s notice the follwing pages, illustrative or a set of instruments, to the invention and improvement of which I was originally induce to turn my attention, by the inconveniences I found myself continually exposed to, in my own person, in consequence of the loss of my right arm, at the battle of Vottoria; and on the perfecting of wich I have since bestowed considerable time, in the hope of enabling some of the chance of war, or accident, may be in similar circumstances with myself, to derive the same benefit from the use of them that I have done (...)”.

Table of the Articles, described as belonging to The One-Handed Apparatus: 1. Wash-hand, complete; 2. Ivory Vice, with ball and sockets; 3. Shaving Box; 4. Lead Cushion; 5. Syringe; 6. Nail File; 7. File-holder; 8. Boot-hooks; 9. Silver Egg-cup: 10. Steel Egg-holder; 11. Pen-knife; 12. Quill-holder; 13. Pen-nibber; 14. Ruller; 15. Steel Vice; 16. Hat-stick; 17. Knife and Fork; 18. Nut-crackers; 19. Card-holder; 20. Case for the instruments.

Fac-simile desta curiosa obra publicada pela primeira vez em 1822 e onde o seu autor, tendo perdido o braço direito no exército, adapta  objectos do quotidiano à sua nova situação. Ilustrado.

Encadernação com lombada e cantos em pele. Carminado à cabeça.