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WIDTSOE (John A.).— DRY-FARMING. A System of Agriculture for Countries under a low rainfall. Tenth edition.  New York. The Macmillan Company. 1913. 13x19,5 cm. 445-VII págs. E.

“One of the most interesting and significant evidences of the abiding expansion of horticultural business is the evolution of the glass house within the present century. It is only within the last one or two generations that the growing of plants in glass houses for the purpose of selling the product of bloom or of fruit has come to be important and widespread (...)”

Do índice: I - Introduction — Dry-Farming Defined; II - The Theoretical basis of Dry-Farming; III - Dry-Farming areas — Rainfall; IV - Dry-Farming Areas — General Climatic Features; V - Dry-Farm Soils; VI - The Root-Systems os Plants; VII - Storing water in the soil; VIII - Regulating the evaporation; IX - Regulating the transpiration; X - Plowing and fallowing; XI - Sowing and harvesting; XII - Crops for Dry-Farming; XIII - The Composition of Dry-Farm Crops; XIV - Maintaining the soil-fertility; XV - Implements for dry-farming; XVI - Irrigation and Dry-Farming; XVII - The History of Dry-Farming; XVIII - The Present Status of Dry-Farming; XIX - The Year of Drouth; XX  Dry-Farming in a nutshell.

Profusamente ilustrado.

Inserido na colecção The Rural Science Series.

Encadernação dos editores muito bem conservada.  Assinatura de posse, antiga, no frontispício.

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