GROVE (George).— A DICTIONARY OF MUSIC AND MUSICIANS by eminent writters, english and foreign, With illustrations and woodcuts. Edited by Sir George Grove. With appendix, edited by J. A. Fuller Maitland, and Index by Edmond Wodhouse. In four volumes. London. Macmillian and CO., Limited. 1900. 15x23 cm. 5 vols. E.

Primeira edição desta obra considerada como das mais importantes referências sobre a história da musica ocidental.

Possui um excepcional apêndice da autoria de John Alexander Fuller Maitland.

De referir que o quinto volume é o importante Index realizado por Edmond Wodhouse: “Lest a Dictionary of articles arranged in alphabetical order should be thought to require no Index, it is necessary to remind readers of the Dictionary of Music and Musicians, not only that it makes mention of very many persons and things to which no separate which have their own articles further information and illustration are suplied in other articles. Articles also occasionally occur out of the order of strict alphabetical sequence. The object, therefore, of the present Index is to enable readers to find with ease all the information which the Dictionary affords upon any specifie point of inquiry or study (...)”.

Obra ilustrada nas páginas de texto com gravuras e notações musicais.

Encadernação dos editores.

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