CRAIG (Elisabeth).— COOKING WITH ELISABETH CRAIG. Including 120 illutrations and over 1000 recipes. Collins. London. s.d. 386 págs. E.

“To those who like to cook: Please don’t consider this book a text book on cookering, nor a goumet’s guide to the table. It’s just a promise I am keeping to many readers who write asking where they can buy my cookering books. You may not care for all the recipes in this book. You may think some too dull, others too unusual, a few too expensive. Bur don’t blame me. Blame my readers...(...)”

Do índice: Menu-Building; Guide to shopping; The Up-to-date Kitchen; Breakfast Dishes; Sauce, sweet and Savoury; Luncheon and Supper Snacks; Appetisers; Soups; Fish; Game; Pultry; Vegetables; Salads; Pastry; Puddings, etc.

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