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Brazil in 1911

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OAKENFULL (J. C.).— BRAZIL IN 1911. Third Annual Edition. February, 1912. Printed by Butler & Tanner, Frome and London. 12,5x19 cm. 395-II págs. E.

De invulgar aparecimento no mercado, tem como índice: I Geography and topography; II - Climate and diseases; III - Anthropology and Ethnography; IV - Discovery and first Settlement; V - The Capitanias, and Struggles with the French, British, Spanish and Dutch invaders; VI - Crown Colony and Empire; VII - The Republic, 1889-1909; VIII - Area, Distribution of Population, and Immigration; IX - Naturalization, Constitutional and Commercial Laws, and Education; X - Finance and Commercial Notes; XI - Post, Telegraphs and Transportation; XII - Natural History — Fauna; XIII - Flora; XIV - Timber, etc.; XV - Agriculture - Part I; XVI - Cereals; XVII - Tropical Fruits, etc.; XVIII - The Pastoral Industry; XIX - Geology and Paleontology; XX - Mineralogy; XXI - Thermal Springs and Tourist Resorts; XXII - Literatura, Art and Science; Appendices.

Profusamente ilustrada nas páginas de texto e em folhas á parte, nomeadamente com um mapa desdobrável.

Encadernação em percalina, muito manchada e alguma acidez característica do papel.

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