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Birds portraits in color


ROBERTS (Thomas Sadler).— BIRDS PORTRAITS IN COLOR. Two hundred ninety-five North American Species. The University of Minnesota Press. Minneapolis. (1960). 22x28,5 cm. E.

“(...) this revised edition makes avaiable a book that has been out of print but in continuing demand for some time. All the material from de original edition has been retained and has been brought up to date wherever necessary, as, for exemple, in matters of nomenclature or range of species. The magnificente illustrations, reproduced in seven-color lithography, are identical to those in Dr. Robert’s classic two-volume work, The Birds of Minnesota, long out of print (...)” — retirado do texto da badana.

Profusamente ilustrado.

Encadernação dos editores. Preserva a sobrecapa de papel, estando esta com bastante desgaste.

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