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KÁRPÁTI (János).— BARTÓK’S STRING QUARTETS. Corvina Press. (1975). 17,5x25,4 cm. 277-I págs. E.

“Béla Bartók’s string quartets are ‘key works’: in them is reflected the stylistic development not only of his own art but of the music osf a whole age, the twentieth century, and also of the string quartet genre itself. (...) János Kárpáti’s monograph on the one hand sets these works against the background of the whole history of the string quartet as a genre, thus indicating their position as the direct continuation of the late Beethoven quartets, and on other hand it presents an exposition of the factors involved in Bartók’s art, the trace of the influence of art music and folk music, of predecessors and contemporaries — placing  Bartók at the head of the twentieth century masters as the destillation and summary of all that preced him.” — texto retirado da badana.

Encadernação dos editores. Preserva a sobrecapa de papel. Valorizado pela dedicatória do autor.