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All about coconuts

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BELFORT (Roland) & HOYER (Alfred Johannes).— ALL ABOUT COCONUTS. Fully Illustrated. London. The St. Catherine Press. 1914. 14x22 cm. 201-VII págs. E.

“(...) So far little has been known of the subject outside the limited circle of planters, traders, merchants, and financiers who have been identified with its development. We trust that the information given in these pages will prove of practical value and contribute, in the measure of their utility, towards the development of what has been, and must long remain, without doubt the most profitable form of tropical industry, and in wich some of our most enterprising colonies are largely interesed (...)”

Do índice: I - The Coconut: Its importance and value; II - The Coconut and the products; III - Selection of a plantation; IV - The coconut belt; V - The Cost of a Coconut Estate; VI - The Plantation; VII - The science of Catchcrops; VIII - The seed nut and the nursery; etc., etc., etc.

Profusamente ilustrado em folha à parte.

Encadernação editorial, manchada. Assinatura de posse, antiga, no fronstispício.

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