BOWDICH (T. Edward).— EXCURSIONS IN MADEIRA AND PORTO SANTO, during The Autumn of 1823, While on His Third Voyage to Africa; By the late T. Edward Bowdich, Esq. To Which is Added By Mrs. Bowdich, I - A Narrative of the Continuance of the voyage to its completion, together with the subsquent occurrences from Mr. Bowdich’s arrival in Africa to the Period of his death. II - A description of the english sttlements on the river Gambia. III - Appendix: Containing zoological and botanical descriptions, and translations from the arabic. Illustrated by Sections, Views, Costumes, and Zoological Figures. London: George B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria Lane. MDCCCXXV. 22x28 cm. 278 págs. E.

“When I had corrected the proofs of the concluding sheet of the present volume, I considered that my labour was at an end; but I am told that there must be a Preface, and that I am generally expected to compose it of the memoirs of him whose loss I have so much reason to deplore.This is a task, however, wich I cannot undertake; not because it would add to the poignancy of my sufferings, for my greatest happiness consists in talking or writing of him; is retracing every hour that we passed together, and in repeating all I have ever heard of him before we met (...)". — retirado do Prefácio.

Belíssimo livro sobre as Ilhas da Madeira e Porto Santo, ilustrado com 22 admiráveis litografias, quatro das quais primorosamente coloridas à mão e algumas desdobráveis, com motivos madeirenses, africanos, geológicos, zoológicos etc.

De raro aparecimento no mercado.

Encadernação da época com lombada e cantos em pele.


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