RAVENSTEIN (E. G.).— MARTIN BEHAIM : HIS LIFE AND HIS GLOBE. With a facsimile of the Globe printed in colours. Eleven Maps and Seventeen Illustrations. London. GeorgePhilip & Son, Lts. 1908. 32x40 cm. 122-II págs. E.

“Martin Behaim has been credited with having greatly advance the art of navigation and with having made extensive voyages os discovery under the Flag of Portugal, but is best known as the author of a remarkable globe, which was making at Nuremberg whilst Columbus was crossing the western ocean in search of the riches of the East. The story of his life and life’s work should consequantly prove of great interest to students of history of geography (...)”.

Profusamente ilustrado.

Encadernação em cartão prensado com gravação a laser na lombada e pastas. Assinatura de posse, antiga, no frontispício. “Publishers’ Note Only Five Hundred and Ten Copies os this work have been printed, of which this Copy is Number three hundred twenty one”