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KOEBEL (W. H.).— PORTUGAL ITS LAND AND PEOPLE. With illustrations by Mrs. S. Roope Dockery and from photographs. London. Archibald Constable and CO. Ltd. 1909. 16,5x24,5 cm. XVIII-406-II págs. E.

“It may that the present volume is condensed unduly in proportion to the extent of the help that has been rendered. Throughout the country the assistance of that most admirable body, the Propaganda de Portugal, has been of such value and was so freely tendered that my debt of gratitude is indeed a weighty one to those whose motto ‘pro patria omnia’ represents no mere figure of speech. To Messrs. L. de Mendonça e Costa, C. George, Lorjó Tavares, Manoel Roldan, and A. C. Bossa, I have in especial to return thanks, since it was their presence on many an exploration that rendered lucid much that otherwise must have remained dubious (...)” — retirado do Preface.

Do índice: Lisbon; Round about Lisbon; Southward bound - From Lisbon to Estremoz; The Alemtejo Province; A southern cork Forest; An Alemtejo Farm; A Southern Chateau; Here and There in the South; Évora and its Fair; The Far North; The Minho; Oporto; The English in Oporto; Villa Nova de Gaia; Some Environs of Oporto; The Douro; Market Day at Arrifana; From Oporto to Lisbon; A Portuguese Bull-Fight; The Portuguese at Home.

Uma das importantes peças bibliográficas estrangeiras sobre Portugal.

Excelentemente impresso sobre papel estucado, profusamente ilustrado a negro e a cores em folhas à parte.

Encadernação dos editores. Acidez, própria do papel, na folha de guarda.