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A ENCICLOPÉDIA PICTÓRICA DE ANTIGUIDADES.— Por Jan Durking, Dagmar Hejdová, Dagmar Hniková, Ludmila Kybalová, Miroslav Mudra, Dagmar Stará, Lubusa Uresova. Introcção de Frank Davis. Hamlyn. Londres. (1972). 16,5x22,5 cm. 495-I págs. E.

“(...) This book then is a sort of book, a massive accumulation of a knowledge into which one dips at one’s peril; it is to be consulted, to be treated seriously; its range is wide, its satndart of scholarship high, its judgements (though not every reader will agree with every one of them) set down with moderation. I welcome it also in an English translation for another reason. It is good for us with our own inevitable prejudices, to see how the development of the applied arts appears in Middle-European eyes, for this is a volume written by Czechs whose country’s art history is one of extreme interest (...)”

Profusamente ilustrada. Encadernação dos editores.