SALAZAR (António de Oliveira).— DOCTRINE AND ACTION. Internal and Foreign Policy of the New Portugal 1928-1939. Translated by Robert Edgar Broughton. Faber and Faber Limited. London. (MCMXXXIX). 13,5x21 cm. 399-I págs. E.

“I have hesitated for some time in publishing these speeches, as I felt there were alredy far too many books in existence for their number to be thoughtlessly increased by people who, having nothing new to say, have on the other hand important duties to perform. The contents of this book are not merely reflections. They are the result of both thought and action, the outcome of study and experience, in other words, actual achievements and events in the history of our country open to the investigation of all (...)”.

Encadernação em tecido denotando uso. Mancha de humidade nas primeiras oito páginas inicias e finais.