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PHELPS (J. R.).— BIRTHDAY HOROSCOPES. Character Readings by... Grossets & Dunlap Publishers. New York. 14x21 cm. (1932)153-I págs. E.

“It is well known fact that many of our outstanding leaders in industry and finance consult reputable astrologers before ambarking upon important undertakings. (...) There is a growing popular interest in the study of the planetary influences upon our actions end destinies, and a deciced need for a straightforward book of horoscope readings based upon the aspect of the heavens at the time of our nativity. Whether you accept this work seriously as a volume of character readings based on science, a guide to happiness and success, or as a book wherewith to entertain a gathering of your friends; the author will have the satisfaction of knowing that he has contributed in some small part to one of the most interesting and useful of the human sciences” — retirado de Foreword.

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