BAROQUE. Architecture. Sculpture. Pinting. Edited by Rolf Toman. Photos by Achim Bednorz. Konemann. (1998). 27,5x32 cm. 502 págs. E.

“The visual arts of the baroque — above all its architecture — were instruments in a production on the world’s great stage. The play’s first act, taking place around 1600, was set in Rome, and it was from here that this style spread across the rest Europe. (...) This volume discusses baroque painting of the seventeenth century and pursues the development of architecture and sculpture into the late baroque and the rococo eras, without, however, drawing princese boundaries between them (...)”

Obra profusamente ilustrada a cores, nas páginas de texto em em folhas à parte.

Encadernação dos editores conservando a sobrecapa de papel. Perfeita conservação.

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