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STRASBURGER (Eduard) & JOST (Ludwig) & SCHENCK (Heinrich) & KARSTEN (George).— A TEXT-BOOK OF BOTANY. Fourth English Edition. With 782 illustrations, in part coloured. Macmillan anc Co., Limitided. London. 1912. 15x22,5 cm. 767-V págs. E.

“(...) The present edition has been similarly revised throughout with the tenth German edition. Such extensive changes, including the substitution of completely new sections on Physiology and Phanerogamia, have however been made in the work since it was first translated, end in the third and fourth English editions, that it seems advisable to give outline the history of English translation instead of retaining Dr. Porter’s name on the title-page. The official plants mentioned under the Natural Orders are those of the British Pharmacopeia instead of those official in Germany, Swizerland, and Austria, which are given in the original (...)”.

Profusamente ilustrada a negro e a cores.

Encadernação dos editores apresentando algum desgaste.